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ShutterButton: PhiDied

Philly Diner, deceased since October, is now gone from campus for good, and you can tell that we’re upset and/or nostalgic about it because we Instagrammed this photo. Our sources inform us that the building went down not with a bang, but a whimper, and SDTs everywhere collectively shed a single tear over the loss of their last horcrux second home.

We totally called PhiDi’s downfall when it started serving steak, but hey! We’re still pretty shocked. “Where were you when the PhiDied?” future generations will ask.

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ShutterButton: Before Allegro

Check it: the corner of 40th and Spruce way back in 1970. Groovy. Before Allegro served up greasy pies, this charming little retro diner was (probably) whipping up scrambled eggs, steaming stacks of pancakes, hot and gooey grilled cheese sandwiches…. mmMMm. Too bad the ghost of Pennsylvania Grill chose to die a second death rather than live on in that sad old excuse for a diner. Meh, who can blame it?

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Requiem: The Day the Phi Di Died

As is the long-standing newly established tradition for any campus staple to which we find ourselves waving goodbye, we bring you Requiem: The Day the Phi Di Died.

We walked by you daily, your curtains held high,
And sometimes dropped in for some omelets and fries.

While not always timely, efficient or clean,
When we think dingy diners, you reigned quite supreme.

You survived through a decade at your 39th Street post,
Which, to be honest, is much longer than most [other dining establishments in the area].

Good-bye + good-bye + good-bye = good-byes,
Each time we think of you, we’ll wipe a tear from our eyes.

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Holy Shit, Philly Diner Closed

Why? Also, why does it say open? PS: We heard this from a tipster, so we’re trying to figure out the details.

Update: The DP article with more information is here!

NewsDecember 17, 2010 at 2:04 am

A Car Is Flipped Over On Locust

Photo credit: Lauren Meepos and Haley Pearlstein.

A car is flipped over on Locust Walk in front of Hillel. Part of Walnut (by Philly Diner) is blocked off. Tipsters say a car tried to turn left from Walnut onto 39th towards Hillel and crashed into the poles, but we haven’t spoken to anyone official about it. Details to arrive as soon as possible– send them in if you know anything more.

Update: Sources (hey, Twitter) say police have flipped the car back over and are searching it.

Update #2: Read the DP’s coverage here. The guy was apparently drunk, but sustained no injuries– how!?

NewsOctober 23, 2010 at 11:06 am

PhiDi Gets Fancy

Because we want to impress dates with more than just a complimentary meal swipe at Commons, Philly Diner now offers a new menu item that won’t break the bank…and hopefully won’t give you mad cow disease. PhiDi’s new $10 steak will impress any carnivorous lady or manly man and is sure to earn you a second date. Its class might even make your date think, “Wow, this individual bought me a steak. Forget the second date. Let’s just go to second base.” Ah, new love. How meaty sweet it is.

NewsSeptember 19, 2010 at 11:45 am

PhiDi Now Has WiFi

Drunk-friendly PhiDi (street name: Philly Diner) now offers free WiFi for its customers. Perhaps they are trying to steal students from coffee-shop-turned-Van Pelt-replacement Saxby’s, which also has WiFi and attracts about a billion laptop-toting students per day. The way we see it, the only thing that will keep us coming to PhiDi is the massive breakfast options and the pie. Free internet isn’t nearly as enticing.

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Tom Green On Campus

We heard a while back that Tom Green was coming to Penn to perform at SPEC and Mask and Wig’s ComFest last night. You can read about the actual event in today’s DP – but we’re more interested in hearing about Tom’s night after the show. Word is the comedian got his drink on with the Mask and Wig kids at Blarney post-show before heading to an off campus after-party where we hear Tom enjoyed some Green (see what we did there?). Later on he was spotted at Philly Diner where tipster Christian Lunoe snagged this pic. Yeah, we know it’s not the best camera work around…would you buy that the blurriness symbolizes his state of mind? No? Send in more photos if you got ‘em!

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We Show You How: Finding Food

Join us for the latest instructive installment of our visual Penn survival guide, a collaboration between UTB and David Comberg’s Information Design class (FNAR 337). Click on the thumbnail to see the full image.

“How To Find Food At Penn,” by Brynn Shepherd.

This one’s a three-parter, so be sure to check out the rest, including a wheel of intoxication and a walking tour of the food trucks, after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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Someone Has A Crack Problem At Philly Diner

Was there a plumber convention at Penn this weekend?  Below, a sighting we could have done without.