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UTB Presents: A Finals Soundtrack

1396332_origWe know you’re tired, most likely smelly, and have lost track of how many red bulls you’ve funneled into your body. There are lots of feels and you think you might explode… into SONG. Sometimes the right jam can make even the worst situation slightly more tolerable. UTB has the perfect playlist for everything you are bound 2 experience this week. Let’s take a musical journey.

9am: Waking Up on the Right Side of the Bed

Perfect Day by Hoku - This 2001 iconic feel-good will make you leap out of bed and tackle the day just like Elle.

11am: Settling Down To Study

Countdown by Beyonce – The exam is in 22 hours, which is a whole lot of hours. Waste one of them making a schedule for yourself intricately planning out everything you need to accomplish before then… and then don’t stick to it.

2pm: Procrastinating

Evolution Of Music by Pentatonix – Wow, there are so many songs! It’s always important to learn about cultural things. Better start now. Read the rest of this entry »

34th Street MagazineJune 21, 2012 at 12:53 pm

Summer Street Presents: 9 Ways To Tri It

Jeez, it’s hot out! We think you should stay indoors– those pit stains don’t match your pants.

Yesterday, we tried getting out of bed. We couldn’t. We wrote Summer Street instead.

Monday brought Playlist of the Week (workout style). Today, Street shows you how to swim, bike and run in Philadelphia like you’re the iron man himself. Pick it up on stands.

You couldn’t think that’s all! We’ve also got a review of the PMA’s Visions of Arcadia exhibit (it’s, like, so rapturous — which is a word from the thesaurus), a Street Burger Shakedown between Bobby’s and Shake Shack, and oh so much more.

Oh yeah. Write for us. We’ve got the A/C, because Street loves you.

Weekly Dose of Street — Don't go looking for Street on Thursday! We won't be there. Instead, catch up on some 34st.com gems: Tweet(s) o' the week and a spankin' new playlist featuring Elbow, one of the best acts at Popped! Still stumped on life? Ask Ego!
Playlist of the Week — Bored at your internship? Secretly slip your earbuds in and check out Street's Playlist of the Week.
Playlist of the Week — Need some new summer music? Us too. Check out this (mini) Playlist of the Week to spice up your iTunes collection. In case you just can't get enough don't forget about our past playlists here.
A Playlist For Your Friday -- that doesn't even remotely include the song "Friday." Tune into the Wawa-inspired jams from Best of Penn in Street's special double-dose of music here.
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Taking Over The World (Series)

Because everyone is still rockin’ their red and white gear and drankin’ their Phillies Lattes (Bucks’s raspberry and vanilla treat) here’s a ready-made playlist to aid your Phillies Fever and help you relive the madness of last week:

  • I’ve Got The World (Series) On A String- Frank Sinatra
  • The World (Series) Is Mine- David Guetta
  • The World (Series) Has Turned And Left Me Here- Weezer
  • The Man Who Sold The World (Series)- David Bowie
  • Midnight In A Perfect World (Series)- DJ Shadow
  • The Modern World (Series)-The Jam
  • The Whole World (Series)-Outkast
  • Around The World (Series)- Daft Punk
  • World (Series) Hold On- Bob Sinclair

And of course for the sake of nostalgia (because we all wanted a fairy godmother and a magic carpet)

  • Part Of Your World (Series)
  • A Whole New World (Series)

Congrats Phillies!