NewsMarch 15, 2013 at 2:42 pm

Gregory’s Getting A Makeover


We’ve all heard the jokes: “Hell is going to freeze over before Penn renovates Gregory.” Well, it’s about to get chilly up in here because after over 30 years, Gregory College House is finally getting renovated!

Resident services is dishing out the big $$$ this May for “clean up renovations” including new furniture, paint, ceilings/floors, plumbing, etc. The reconstruction will take place over the next two summers.

Thanks, Penn, for keepin’ it tight and right! Watch out high rises! Now that Greg is getting all fancy shmancy, it might become the hot new place to live on campus (but probably not).

Penn's Bringing Down The House- After years of negotiations and plans for renovation, Penn recently got the okay to demolish the mansion at 40th and Pine.  It looks like the lot will be used to build low-level graduate housing, although the permit to build is not in place yet.  Stay tuned!
Wawa Boohoo—It appears that everyone's favorite late night hotspot on 38th and Spruce is currently "closed for renovations." Stay tuned. Stay strong.
NewsAugust 27, 2011 at 12:42 pm

Locust Walk’s Like New

There’s no need to follow the yellow wooden road any longer. The summer renovations to Locust Walk have been completed just in time for the new(ly postponed) school year. While the walk has been outfitted with new underground utilities and is freshly paved, the original bricks have been preserved for authenticity and their signature wobbliness. Resist the urge to celebrate by passing out useless fliers this weekend and stay inside instead.

NewsSeptember 16, 2010 at 6:16 pm

Meyerson Basement Gets A Makeover

The picture may not be clear but something else is:  Our favorite building with an identity crisis (design building that also holds classes on Autism and Ancient History say what?) is having a little attention paid to its dark and sketchy underground. The basement of Meyerson is officially getting a new lounge so it can finally become as relevant as Huntsman and Williams. Some of the B-Level classrooms were already renovated over the summer but the lounge is rumored to be completed sometime this semester. Stay tuned!