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Chow On The Cheap: The 10th Annual Dining Days Are Here

diningdaysCalling all individuals who need food to survive: University City’s 10th Annual Dining Days starts tomorrow, July 17th and runs until Sunday, the 27th.

A buncha restaurants in the area are offering 3 (three!) course meals for either a set $15, $25, or $35—depending on the restaurant. So now’s your chance to head to the place you your wallet was always too shy to try, and to scoff at Penne for having no moral qualms about placing itself in the $35 bracket. Or, stick with your 15-dolla faves, including Saigon, Pattaya, and orange you glad we said Copabanana?

Peep the deets, the deals, and the list of participating restaurants here

FEDERAL DONUTS REALLY OPENING MONDAY -- After a confusing tweet saga last time, UTB can officially confirm the Sansom location is coming for us on March 10 (yes, break)! Shout it from the rooftops.
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STREET Presents: Spring Dining Guide

Dining Guide 2014It’s mealtime in Philadelphia and Street is here with macarons and nachos and so much more. Our Spring Dining Guide has suggestions for incredible eats near and far. Try hot fried chicken at a restaurant with a porcine name (and read our interview with owner and Top Chef Kevin Sbraga) and see what Drexel has to offer you in the realm of mac n cheese and quesadillas. Our own campus now boasts excellent pizza, and on certain weekend days, bagels. Explore South Philly for a high quality Italian byo and a creative vegan one. Walk around Rittenhouse, croissant in hand or grab an elegant picnic in Washington Square or a pickle and a drink at Gaslight. Northern Liberties is changing the Tater tots game and Jose Garces gave Philly a Cuban Diner. For fine dining, consider Avance and read our exclusive interview with Chef Justin Bogle.  Or try High Street on Market, a more casual restaurant from the Chef of Fork. Any way you slice it, Spring 2014 is a wonderful time to dive into Philadelphia’s thriving food scene. Where are you going to start?

P.S. Need BYO, food truck, cheap eats, Italian, Asian, or nearby food suggestions? We’ve got your back!

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Say It Ain’t So: Goodbye DP Dough

I WILL NOT GO. TURN THE LIGHTS OFF. CARRY ME HOME. We are utterly, unspeakably devastated to report the sudden death of University City’s premier munchie/drunchie haven, DP Dough.

Less frosh-filled than Wawa, less bouncer-protected than McDonald’s, cheaper/tastier than FroGro and open later than Allegro, the always-friendly calzone connoisseurs of 40th Street will never be forgotten. While it’s true they are a chain and our cravings can technically be satisfied elsewhere, this location was special because people thought it was named after a certain newspaper. (And the closest ones are at Penn State and University of Delaware.)

DP Dough: we promise to keep you alive in our (lack of) memories and will always love you. Mourning readers, email your well wishes to their Facebook, because for the establishment always open til 3:30am, it’s the final closing time. RIP.

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One Door Closes, A Subway Opens: New Eats On Penn Streets

The University City eatery scene is an ever-changing beast, and even though many are solely concerned with HipCityVeg’s impending opening, UTB is here as always with the comprehensive report of the intriguing (or depressing) new kids on the block and the restaurants devastatingly closing their doors.

Bidding Goodbye:

As we continue to tearfully mourn the tragic losses of Lee’s and Don Memo, The DP reports the sudden and shocking closure of another campus establishment. Artisserie Chocolate Cafe has bitten the bust, and the owners were allegedly forced to clear out in 30 minutes! That’s more stressful than oversleeping the morning of your midterm in DRL! Our hearts are with the beloved dessert shop, known for its chocolate and Lucida Calligraphy font.

Additionally, be forewarned that a walk north on 38th will leave you brokenhearted before you even hit Chili’s/Atlantis Gentlemen’s Club. That’s right, 7-Eleven is GONE, ABANDONED AND DILAPIDATED. Don’t you ever for a second get to thinking you’re replaceable, bb! Okay, you are, because we’ve got a new Wawa with better food to wipe up them tears, but still, RIP.

A Warm Welcome:

With all this sadness, we look to the light that is 44th Street. Dearest readers, we want to know your thoughts about the newest on-campus BYO. It’s not cheap Asian, but it will make boozy brunch mimosas if you bring champagne! Let us know if you’ve sampled the farm-to-table offerings of RX the Farmacy, which resided there previously (simply as RX) before a brief stint as a meh Italian joint. But more importantly, are the rumors of this organic haven carding true?

UTB would also love to hear your in-depth critiques of the obscure new deli near Copa in Cream & Sugar’s old storefront. It’s called Subway, and we hear they have $5 footlongs. Is this perhaps the most welcome change of all? Does it compare to it’s dearly departed cousin who used to live under Commons? Sound off below!

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Bidding A Tearful Adios To Don Memo

Just this evening, Don Memo posted upsetting news on their Facebook Page:

don memo closing

No, Don Memo, thank you for all the drunken nights memories. We’ll stop by for lunch sometime, but something tells us BYO-ing tequila to a food truck at noon won’t fill the void. Those green walls will be forever burned into our retinas, and you’ll be missed!

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All Hail HarBar

Harvest Seasonal Grill and Wine Bar, colloquially known to all from now on as HarBar, is slated to open at the end of this month.  HarBar offers a farm-to-table experience that is both upscale and affordable.  Problems with construction, union contracts, and weather have pushed the opening from June to the week of September 26th.

For all still lamenting the loss of Marathon, Harvest will offer an open kitchen, fireplaces, and an outdoor gardened dining area called “The Lawn.”  We’re all looking forward to September 26th, when HarBar will finally open and when what owner Dave Magrogan promises will be “like an oasis for students” will be open for all.

Han Dynasty Has Opened– Yup, the Taiwanese eatery on 38th and Market is up and running, as the DP reports. To the surprise and disappointment of many, Han Dynasty is not a BYO and has opted for a liquor license instead to serve drinks like the "Flaming Volcano" and "Scorpion Bowl," if you're into that sort of thing.
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Han Dynasty Empire Expands To University City

Get outta town, Beijing: there’s a new Chinese BYO coming our way and our heads are spinning with excitement. Eater Philly reports that Han Dynasty, the mouth-watering restaurant with locations in Old City and Manayunk, will take up residence at 38th and Market in the space formerly occupied by Mid-Atlantic.

Owner Han Chiang is planning a three week trip to China this summer, where he will attend culinary school to help him update the restaurant’s menu and train chefs. No word yet on an anticipated opening date, but hopefully it will make waves where Mid-Atlantic was stagnant.

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Oyster House To Replace La Terrasse

Break out the seersucker and lobster pants. Pop those collars. Tie those sweaters around your necks. Sansom’s 3400 block is getting an oyster house! Specifically, Doc Magrogan’s Oyster House is opening in the former location of La Terrasse, as reports. The university-owned property has been dark for almost a year since the beloved LaT closed after 15 years of revolving operators.

Rumors swirled about a possible revival of the staple French bistro, but it has now been confirmed that former chiropractor Dave Magrogran has leased the space to open a branch of Doc Magrogan’s Oyster House. Looks like a pearl of a place.