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Oh My God We’re Finally Getting An Apple Store


Auf Wiedersehen, Springboard Media. You’ve been pretty great, but it looks like we’re finally getting our very own Apple Store in Center City!

Although no formal announcement has been made regarding the new location, job listings for the site are already posted online, and Apple is scheduled to present the design plan before the city Arts Commission today. Metro reports:

Adding an Apple Store to 1607 Walnut St. will add a dose of visual appeal — and a level of hipness from the tens of thousands of iPhone and Mac users — to a block that’s been hit by a bit of a retail slowdown.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted as we find out more info, but until then, check out Metro’s rendering of what the storefront might look like, after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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Grab A Burrito And Study For The LSATS!


Radian retail is notorious for taking forever to open, but the Kaplan Test Prep Center (which apparently is right near Smoke’s now?) is relocating to that prime spot between Chipotle and the still-under-construction Bank of America. We hear it will be opening the week of November 8, but we won’t be holding our breath (coughtaphousecough).

While we suppose this will be helpful for those interested in pursuing advanced degrees, we were hoping that the tenant of the space would be a little more fun. Regardless, it’s interesting to note Kaplan’s Penn connection. As per Stanley Kaplan’s NY Times obituary:

In Philadelphia, the University of Pennsylvania student newspaper refused to run his advertisements, and the university denied his requests to hang posters and rent rooms for his courses. He called the opposition “elitist” and distributed T-shirts on campus. Students flocked to his classes.

Oops! We think Stanley would find the center’s proximity to the DP amusing. We do.

Campusand  CitySeptember 10, 2009 at 10:34 am

Extreme Makeover: Retail Edition

extreme_makeover_logo_reduced_size_for_siteSummer is a time for change. After a four-month hiatus, we all want to come back to school looking better than we did in May, when finals left us in the fetal position on the floor of Van Pelt. You may have noticed that a girl from your freshman hall got a nose job, or that Dubois got a facelift or that the Love Statue is super shiny.

This summer, campus retail got a makeover, too. While some changes were for the better, others were most certainly for the worst. Let’s discuss.

Now: Furniture Lifestyle
Then: Eastern Mountain Sports
Verdict: Upgrade. While we understand the need for mountain sport equipment in rugged West Philly, we like couches a lot. Plus, EMS just moved to 34th and Chestnut, lest you need a kayak or the like.

Now: Verizon
Then: Cereality
Verdict: Downgrade. Sure, it was a little overpriced, but oatmeal + Nutella was pretty much the best thing ever. And do we seriously need another phone store on that block? Read the rest of this entry »

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Capogiro Is Open!

From zero to sixty in two-ish weeks, Capogiro sure got its act together quick.  The store opened today!  Just in time for…well, nothing, because everyone just went home for the summer.  Still, though.  Gelato!

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UTB News Digest: Finals Edition

Finals have been kicking our collective ass, but the news never sleeps.  Here’s all the dish you need, in convenient digest form:

Image credit: The Clog

Image credit: The Clog

  • Oh look, Penn is once again the setting for a perfunctory “college graduates can’t find jobs” article, this time on NPR.  Especially ridiculous considering the abundant opportunities available on PennLink — didja know that the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is hiring Correctional Officers, and you can earn up to $73,000 a Year?  Get those resumes in, people!
  • Notice any angry dudes outside Gia today?  The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America is boycotting Gia Pronto because the company is opening another store in Philly and is using a contracter that supposedly pays substandard wages.  Somehow we don’t think a whole lot of sorority girls moonlight as construction workers. Unless it’s Halloween, in which case: plaid + toolbelt + cutoffs = slutty construction workers.
  • This year’s College graduation speaker and Penn alum John Legend made the 2009 Time 100, and he’s also featured in a video recap of the Time 100 gala.  We wish he would come out with another song, ’cause we’re running out of ways to make “Ordinary People” puns.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Move Over, PNC

There’s a new bank in town. While us Penn kids have had to make the oh-so-tough decision of entrusting our monthly allowances to either PNC or Commerce TD, we will now be able to count Bank of America as another option. It appears as though BOA (that’s what our super cool Whartonite friends call it) is setting up shop in some of that undeveloped Radian retail space. Now the question is whether or not it will open up before our favorite gelato place.

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Dear Saxby’s, We Regret To Inform You That You Suck

When Saxby’s set up shop last semester, we tried to be open-minded. But we will suffer silently no more — yesterday an unnamed caffeine addict mailed out a letter of complaint addressed to Saxby’s, and she has generously allowed UTB to reprint said letter below.

Dear Saxby’s,

Hello. I am the girl who orders large ice coffees or lattes at your establishment about four times a week. I sit down and study in your restaurant, and I commend you for the services you provide.

Nevertheless, I feel it is my duty as a coffee connoisseur to draw your attention to a few of the challenges I face when I enter Saxby’s, which prohibit me from patronizing you more frequently and increase the likelihood of my taking my business elsewhere (the worldwide conglomerate Starbucks and the new neighborhood gem Cream and Sugar being just a few of my myriad options).

A. I believe your employees should better familiarize themselves with the breeds of coffee you serve. I often encounter inept coffee servers, who accidentally prepare the wrong drink. This is simply unacceptable. I have seen Starbucks employees practicing new drinks on each other — perhaps you should follow suit if you want to keep up with competition. Read the rest of this entry »

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FroGro Is Freaking Closed Right Now

Are you there, Amy Gutmann? It’s us, UTB, and we think this might be the apocolypse:  we hear Fresh Grocer is closed until 3 a.m. tonight. First Philly Diner, now FroGro…if they take Wawa away from us, we’ll consider transferring to another school.

Know the deal with FroGro’s crazy hours?  Comment or e-mail us.

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Attention Shoppers!

We’re not sure how we missed this one, but there’s a new Juicy Couture store downtown. It’s located right near Rittenhouse Square at 17th and Walnut. Props to DesignPhiladelphia for reminding us of this exciting retail development!

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Gastro Pub Coming Soon To 38th And Chestnut

Foobooz reported this week that The Blockley Pourhouse is opening up shop right here in University City.  (U. City trivia: Blockly refers to William Warner Estate of Blockley, which is what our lovely home was known as before Penn bought it.)  The target date for opening is March 21, and according to Craigslist, open house for job seekers will continue through tomorrow.  They describe themselves as a “live music/beer garden/gastro pub.”  It’ll be tough to out-class Chili’s, the reigning restaurant on the 38th and Chestnut block, but we’re excited to see Blockley take a shot.