NewsFebruary 10, 2012 at 1:05 pm

New Site Lets You Clip It For Later

Developed with the help of a bunch of Penn grads and current students, Clipix makes the recent bookmarking craze more about organizing your own personal life, rather than sharing and re-sharing the same cat breading pictures with your network. The site’s intended as a saving tool that allows you to eventually revisit the overwhelming amount of stuff you find on the web during SOCI235.

Clipix is available to everyone and it’s also got customizable privacy settings, giving you the opportunity to keep some clipboards to yourself (like all those super exclusive internship opportunities you found while PennLink was down last night (!)) and choose with whom to share others (possible housing options with your freshman year hall BFFs). Take a peek for yourself right now, or save it for later. (See what we did there?)