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cover04242014We’ve waited through wind and snow and more wind and more snow, but they have arrived. Shoutouts! are here and whoa do you guys have some weird stuff going on. We love it, mostly.

Our final feature before the summer tackles on campus dialogue around the Israeli-Palestinian relationship. We know you’ll have an opinion and we can’t wait to hear it.

As we brace ourselves for finals, we have some awesome study breaks planned: snack breaks involving summer fruit and fancy cocktails, netflix breaks all about college tv shows, deep thoughts on doodling and some fresh tunes. We even took the time to reflect on our most controversial feature: the Round Up

The end of the year and our final issue means goodbyes and we will miss so many seniors, especially our former EIC. Nina, you da best.

Have a fabulous weekend full of formals, Penn Relays and some work too.

You know you love us, Street

SHOUTOUTS DUE AT MIDNIGHT! -- A little less than 11 hours to submit your Shoutouts to 34th Street! Don't miss that anonymous opportunity to tell your BFF, S.O., TA or UTB editor how you really feel. So scream and shout and let it all out – do it for Britney.
Luv is in the Air -- Tomorrow is the last day to get your DP Love Notes in, so don't miss out on your chance to get your nicely-spirited Shoutouts in print fo free! (You know, to a bf/gf, roomie, FWB, prof, rando, UTB ed, whatever.)
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STREET Presents: Shoutouts and Senior Superlatives!

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 12.57.26 AM

Gossip Squirrel here. Your one and only source into the lives of Penn’s scandalous elite. Except not cultural elite—it’s only senior superlatives. Spotted: some thankful Penn students SABSing on the Van Pelt couches just longing for Thanksgiving break. Although the winter blues might be causing a serious lack of drama, I can tell you who’s going down next: Daughtry.

And here’s a scandal for you: my sources tell me that two Penn frosh went on a blind date with some mood lighting. Dating? “Dinner and a movie?” So passé. Unless it’s Pod or White Dog, you’re not good enough for Gossip Squirrel.

But if my dish isn’t enough for you, there’s always your own submissions. You may think I’m bad, but you’re your own worst enemy

And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me.

XOXO, Gossip Squirrel

Tis the season for Shoutouts-- LowBrow wants you to bare your soul, with a spoonful of truth and a hint (or heap) of vengeance. Speak your mind with no strings attached! They had it coming anyway. Submit your shoutouts here!
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The Ivy League Betch List

imagesMirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the betchiest of them all? Penn is. Well, sort of. Penn came in a close second in The Official Betchiest Ranking of the Ivy League, losing to Harvard and beating Princeton by only one point. Although we lost, “The Betches” applauded 34th Street’s Shoutouts and our superb partying skills.

What didn’t “The Betches” like? Our location. They must not realize the drunken importance of having 2 Wawas right on campus.

We still won in the categories that are near and dear to our hearts: we party hard, we’re smoking hot and we have the best Greek life. First is the worst, second is the best. Right?

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STREET Presents: Unpopped

Picture 35Shoutout season is upon us, so inhale the sweet, sweet smell of revenge. Lowbrow airs your grievances and tells you exactly who shit the bed, literally and figuratively. But never fear, the rest of the issue has so much more than ads you can use to wipe your tears.

Whether you’re a nostalgic senior or a lowly freshman, Highbrow gives you the chance to score a highly coveted Round Up Superlative. Hey, at least they don’t use your yearbook picture! If that’s not enough to get you in the mood for a vacation, Ego helps you choose your own summer adventure (spoiler: that’s not code for a Goldman internship), Music goes cross country to scope out the best festivals, and Food and Drink pick out the best chilly snacks around Philly that are sure to keep you cool. If you’d rather beat the heat inside an air–conditioned theatre, well that just sucks. Film explains why. And in honor of Throwback Thursday (if you’re into that, no judgement) Art goes back in time to the best of Penn poets past. Finally, this week’s feature tackles abstinence (or lackthereof) by choice (or lackthereof) at Penn. Oh, and robots are taking over the world in the international Robocup. Let the games begin…

With Ever–loving, Maraschino–sweet, unpopped love,


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Send In Shoutouts, Texts and Fling Stanley Photos!

Noisy-and-demandingTry to think back, before your headache and irritable stomach, before the substances and barbecue that made them thus, before you even donned your Fl1nG T4NK on Friday. On Thursday, UTB gave you some homework. Now we’re collecting it.

1. Submit your Shoutouts (cause, like, they’re DUE TOMORROW and you haven’t yet) to the box over thurr —>

2. Send us your pics with Fling Stanley so that you can become Internet Famous.

3. Send us your texts from Fling, area code included.

Our email is tips@underthebutton.com. Don’t delay, because this counts for 30% of your semester grade and you KNOW you bombed the midterm.

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Send Us Texts From Fling, Volume III

06323e274474f3a2dfecfc217d6ef40dDon’t even think about taking advantage of VP’s extended study hours and doing work this Fling weekend. However, you have three homework assignments to complete amidst the debauchery:

1. Submit to SHOUTOUTS. Oh-we-oh-we-oh-we-oh.
2. Take pics with FLING STANLEY. Bonus if A-Gut photo-bombs.
3. Tip us your greatest TEXTS FROM FLING.

That’s right, for the third straight Fling, we’ll be compiling your greatest texts from the weekend for an upcoming UTB feature! Send ‘em in to tips@underthebutton.com all weekend! Include yo area code so it looks like this:

(215): Hii hiow far does pennride go out???!! i’m stranded in Viullanova HELP ME IM POOR

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Scream and SHOUT and Let it All OUT

Shout ‘em out, shout ‘em out! That’s right, kiddies: trees are blossoming, finals are looming, and flings are getting flung. But perhaps the most important spring tradition of all is upon us: Shoutouts. 34th Street presents your bi-annual opportunity to tell that hot professor, your klepto roommate, and the mouth–breather in your history recitation exactly how you feel. Submit your anonymous messages of love (or hate or lust) to your roomies/enemies/lovers/UTB editors (please?) via shoutouts@34st.com, Street’s website OR that sexy fuchsia tip box to the right — Britney approves.