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I’ve Done Some Modeling


We know what you’re thinking. And yes, Professor McGonagall did go to Penn! Just joking, but that would’ve been awesome. This anonymous Penn model dates back to the 1890’s. We’re not sure whether she’s trying to do a sexy open-mouth thing or if she’s grimacing from pain and/or constipation. Regardless, she looks pretty good in her black frock and Princess Leia buns. If only this 19th Century Heidi Klum lived to see the day of Moncler jackets and Hunter boots, she probably would’ve looked, like, totally cool.

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ShutterButton: The Swingin’ Sixties


How many awkwardly-coiffed, Louis Kahn-lookin’, vest-sportin’ fellas does it take to win one adorable and well-dressed woman’s heart? More than 5, apparently. Not even that classy two-speed was enough to  keep her from looking profoundly uncomfortable. This bunch from 1963, cowlicks and all, has us dreaming of warmer climes.

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ShutterButton: Warmer Days

may day women

It’s totally fine that after a weekend of sunshine, high(er) temperatures and gentle breezes that caressed our winter-weary faces with the promise of the coming spring, it is snowing. It is totally 100%, fine We are handling this really well, thanks for asking. And no, we did not just spend the past two hours trawling through Penn’s digital archives looking at photos of better days gone by, like this one from 1921 featuring scary lady-nymph Penn students celebrating May Day without even having the decency to smile,  or at least pretend they’re enjoying the fact that they can wear short sleeves sans hypothermia.

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ShutterButton: Madame Commencement Speaker

Hey juniors, do you remember all the hip historical happenings from the year you were born? No? Okay, well history lesson time! 1993 was the year Hillary Clinton officially became First Lady and then casually stopped by Penn to deliver the class’s commencement address (and pose with B-Frank, awk).  However, with the choice for the 2014 speaker  just released as John Legend, we can’t help but wonder if Hill would approve of the beloved (yet sultryR&B singer as one of her successors. Don’t worry, Ms. Potential POTUS, we will still always love your feminism,  that fabulous resting bitch face, and those timeless pantsuits, no matter what John tries to seduce us with in May.

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ShutterButton: Meet Our New Li’l Baby Contribz

new contribz

Ahem, introducing UTB’s five shiny new contributors! Here they are, shivering in front the all-seeing Button last night, just after getting a blindfolded tour of our beautiful campus and just before getting initiated into the Upsilon Tau Beta bloggerhood. Don’t worry, things never got as hazy as that uggo pollution plume in front of the Love statue. Here’s to bringing you more hilarity and hijinks on the daily.

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ShutterButton: Where Is The Button?!


As Philly temperatures approach single digits, we’re reminded that the worst is far from over, and more snow (and work) is probably coming soon…as in Monday. This photo shows that apart from the weather, not much has changed at Penn since 1975. Except…WAIT, could it be?! WHERE IS THE BUTTON?!

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ShutterButton: Baby, It’s Cold Out… Wait…

It’s 45 degrees outside and you think it’s cold? These frat stars beg to differ. Between the floral short-shorts, the firetruck red suspenders, the proto-SnapBacks and that frosty pitcher of beer (Over-under bet: Yuengling or Natty?), these dudes aren’t afraid of a little chill. Party on, dudes. Bros of today: take note. Next snow day, you won’t need a cooler if it’s already below freezing.

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ShutterButton: A Hue-less Houston


Fresh from the archives, here’s a quick li’l 1896 throwback of our favorite Dining Dollar vacuum/cozy place to get some work done. Established as a place for students to “pass their leisure hours in harmless recreation and amusement” (lol), Houston Hall is the nation’s first student union, which is pretty cool.

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ShutterButton: Historic Homecoming

Ah, homecoming. A weekend of football, basketball, alumni, and the perfect opportunity to study drink all day. This photo dates back to 1892, a homecoming to remember. After 27 straight losses to Princeton, Penn ended the streak, winning this game 6-4. Here’s to a winsome weekend, sending a harmless puck you to our biggest sports rival. Happy Homecoming, Quakers. Stay safe and party hard.

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ShutterButton: Class Registration From A Past Generation

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 12.17.24 PM

It feels like one of those days…where we just give up and go to bed. These midterms are killing us not so softly, and what better way to cut your losses than by picking next semester’s classes midterms! Pictured here are students at advance registration, and we’re feeling as worn out as this chica looks. Hang in there, times may seem thorny, but just thank the rose who deemed paper ballots as passé as those hairstyles.