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In Which We Continue To Love Snow Storms

We admit, when we woke up this morning and saw it snowing (again?!), we were less than thrilled. Sure, it’s great for building really cool giant snowballs, but enough is enough already! That is, until we received an email from Vice Provost of Education Andrew N. Binns stating that the drop period has been extended due to last week’s class cancellation. The deadline (formerly February 19) has now been pushed back to Wednesday, February 24 at 11:59 p.m. Binns notes that some courses have established drop deadlines earlier than the University’s, so be sure to check with your profs before you bail on that midterm!

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Well Done, Quad Dwellers

First I thought it was a fire hazard, and then I remembered it was made of snow, so, like, snow counteracts fire.

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Street Is High On Snow

If there was ever anything that we would admit to being better than 34th Street, it would be snow days. Especially two in a row. And especially two in a row in which we, despite what the DP says, do anything but study.

And in honor of these two glorious days, we proudly present to you the first ever Friday edition of Street.

Albeit a bit late, this week’s issue has your usual dirt, your usual ego (vaginas!), and your usual cultural how-to’s: Arts shows you how to get down and crafty, and Film makes a wishlist of movies they’d like to see in 3D. And our feature boldly takes you into the world of living with STIs at Penn.

So pick it up! Or download the .pdf. Our Thursday Writers’ Meeting this week was canceled, but they’ll resume next week as usual: Feb. 18, 6:30 p.m., 4015 Walnut. Email mckay@34st.com if you’re interested in contributing to this week’s issue.

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No school tomorrow!! call 1-215-898-MELT if you don’t believe us. Yes, that means you! As in, all classes are canceled! Even Wharton. WOOO.

Update: According to the DP, it’s been seven long years since Penn shut down campus due to snow. And the University has five gators.

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Vagina Monologues Postponed, OCR Still On: Your Guide To More Snow

In light of the imminent snow storm (again?), events are being postponed right and left. Wednesday’s Vagina Monologues show has been rescheduled to Saturday, ICA’s Maira Kalman Lecture postponed indefinitely, but OCR still on as scheduled (they would). After the jump, a complete guide to what’s canceled and what to do about it.

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The College Version Of A Snow Cone

In the post-snow fallout, we spotted these jungle juice-soaked blocks of snow near campus. College!

CampusFebruary 7, 2010 at 2:16 pm

Not So Sunny In Philadelphia


28.5 inches later, we’re all alive. With photos to prove it.

Many thanks to our loyal followers who submitted their snowy shots: Colette Bloom, Janice Dow, Michael Breau, Al Filreis, Kyra Edson, Andrew Ma, Tatiana Peisach, Natalie Gravier, Rebecca Kaplan, Danielle Jabin, Charlotte Borgen, Rebecca Reicherter, Will Davis and Sarah Van Sciver.

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When Walking Becomes The New Biking

An unlucky cyclist will have to settle for walking

For many of us, biking is the chosen mode of transportation around campus. Walking to class or to Commons just isn’t as much fun, especially because the probability of smashing wheel-first into that annoying chick from down the hall is seriously minimized. But what’s a biker to do when their best friend is trapped in the snow? It appears that walking is the new biking until the snow melts. Though saddening for all cycling enthusiasts, this is good news for all those who seem to be targets of the ferocious four-wheeling menaces on Locust Walk.

CampusFebruary 6, 2010 at 2:49 pm

UTB Wants Your Snow Photos

It’s snowing, a whole lot. In the rare chance you ventured outside your bedroom, camera in hand, send your photos to tips@underthebutton.com

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Uh Oh, Snow

We appreciate this particularly dire depiction of the nasty weather we’re in for this weekend, especially the red-outlined gerund. While we would have preferred STUPIFYING, INCAPACITATING, or BENUMBING, we still suggest you bundle up for Major Winter Storm ’10. While you’re at it, think of a good name! Why should hurricanes have all the fun? Leave your best suggestions in the comments.