Chasing AmyApril 21, 2014 at 6:36 pm

Chasing Amy: Melons For Melons For Madame Prez

Congrats, Pike. Your Melons for Melons fundraiser got everyone’s dream patron: A-Gut herself! The watermelon slices were being sold for $1 to support breast cancer research, and Amy (who’s been chilling on campus more than we’re used to) donated. It’ll be hard to part with a bill of currency held by the blonde bombshell, but we hope Pike gives it to the greater good. (Known for her generosity, we’re inclined to think Amy G spared more than a single.) The kicker: sources confirm Madame President declined the watermelon after donating, even after a bro assured her “they’re very low-cal.” Gutmann’s not known for eating ever in public, so we’re not surprised – but this refusal is coming from the woman who said she makes Baked Alaska and once went to Capo.

NewsOctober 5, 2011 at 8:52 pm

Meet Penn’s Most Multi-Talented TA

Just when you thought your daily dose of awkward musical performances had ended, here we are to tell you it so hasn’t. Spotted (by a non-smart phone’s shitty 3.2 megapixel camera) outside Huntsman today was this mystery man, just casually strumming away at the ol’ ukulele (do people say that? we hope so). But wait! He, like, TAs here? We got the details from a tipster in his class:

  • Name: Noam Osband, aka Master Uke (okay fine, we made that second bit up)
  • Job(s): TA for Medical Anthropology, Ph.D. candidate in cultural anthropology
  • Why he rocks: Um, he was on Jeopardy! And Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (post-Regis)! Seriously guys, what more do you want?
Check out a clip (plus links to more Noam-related clips) of Noam on Jeopardy after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »
CampusJune 13, 2009 at 7:26 pm

Spotted: A-Gut In Spandex With Hubby In Tow

In our own version of Gawker Stalker, as per a tipster: “Just saw Amy Gutmann on Walnut between 37th and 38th holding hands with her husband Michael Doyle. They were on their way from Pottruck, and yes, she is wearing a cutout black leotard and white basketball shorts.”

And we always assumed her manse had a gym.

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Gerard Butler And Jamie Foxx, Filming In Philly

I am sure there have been nights where you’ve tossed and turned, burdened by a question like: why has Gerard Butler never played an evil sociopath orchestrating murders from a jail cell, only to be stopped by the undeniable fierceness of Jamie Foxx? Maybe because you, like we film editors, understand that that movie would suck.

Regardless, they’re filming it anyway. Which is fine, because they’re shooting in Philadelphia! Right now, in fact. And because Gerard Butler is infinitely hotter than Shia LaBeouf (who shot scenes for Transformers 2 at Penn), we’d love to meet him and get him to speak to us in the accent he couldn’t bother to perfect for 300 because he was working on his abs. Here’s a blurry pic of the fantastic Mr. Foxx racing around town. Send better, Butler-ier pics to us here.

E-mail us at and you’ll score free tickets to the newest movies in town.

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Our Ego Of The Week’s Real Housewives Cameo

Emerson Barth, he of campus lore, has (to, ok, no one’s surprise) popped up on reality television.  The most fabulous Ego of the Week in recent memory can be seen briefly in a season 2 episode of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City.  We are having trouble embedding the video, but check it out here (Emerson appears about two minutes in), and check out our screencap below.  Congrats, Emerson, we’re sure this is the first of many, many Bravo appearances to come in your future.  For now, though, we have a few questions:  How does he know so many famous people?  Who’s that guy he’s leaning on?  And does he mind being reduced to an illustration to go along with housewife Kelly’s ridiculous voiceover (“I’m exposed to so many men all the time. Businessmen, gay men…”)?

That’s Emerson with the drink in his hand.  Any more tips?  Send ‘em here.

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Vinny Chase Loves Macadamia Chicken

It turns out it isn’t only Adrian Grenier’s TV alter-ego that wants to be like Mark Wahlberg. Adrian has apparently taken Markie Mark’s advice to dine at campus fave, Pod. We’re not quite sure why he’s in Philly, but we are always a fan of celebrity Pod sightings. Check out the pic sent in by tipster Laura Minksoff; he’s the one on the far right:

Update: Adrian was in the Illadelph drumming for his band the Honey Brothers at the North Star Bar.

Update #2: Here’s a sliiiightly better pic:

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Mayor Nutter Rides The Rails

Nutter endorsed Hillary in the primary but eventually changed his tune.

Nutter endorsed Hillary in the primary but eventually changed his tune.

SPOTTED: Philadelphia mayor and Penn grad Michael Nutter and his wife on an early morning post-inaugural train back to Philly. Having presumably spent yesterday in Washington with our fine nation’s political elite, Nutter slummed it with the rest of us on the regional, in coach, no less! Unlike another semi-notable local politician who was known to favor a first-class ride on Amtrak’s Acela, Nutter did his part to reduce (slow the increase?) of Philadelphia’s massive deficit by saving the city a chunk of change.  Props to you, Mayor Nutter!

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Spotted: Republican Motorcade Drives Through Penn

Palin isn't the only Barbie.

Vanna White, election-style.

A tipster notified us that at 2 PM today a Republican motorcade consisting of a “victory bus and like 10 police cars” passed 34th & Walnut. The back of the bus displayed “GOP.”

According to, Cindy McCain and Rudy Giuliani were in town to campaign for her husband. Their blue & white campaign ’08 bus must have driven through campus after they ate at Sabrina’s for lunch.

But why didn’t Mrs. McCain stop and say hi? Has she blown off our democrat-loving university for those pathetic undecided voters of Bucks County? C’mon Cindy, don’t you know we are the future?

Snap a pic of the motorcade? Email us.