Amy Gutmann Is Definitely Probably Having A Tea Party With Joe Biden– We're hearing unconfirmed reports of Biden sightings outside the Prez's house, and the popo and Secret Service are all over 38th and Walnut. Got the scoop? Let us know.
We're Really Sorry We Didn't Live Blog This Debate-- The Democratic Socialists and Penn Tea Party had a debate yesterday. Please read the DP coverage, because, like, Democratic Socialists. Penn Tea Party. The world is a great place.
NewsOctober 1, 2010 at 9:40 am

Oh Good, There Is Now A Tea Party At Penn

Though UTB is not a political blog, and we hold no official political opinions today we woke up to read that WTF some guy is starting a Tea Party at Penn. Dan Chinburg, a grad student in the school of Education, tells the DP he has been promoting his Penn Tea Party branch on Locust Walk. Read the rest of this entry »