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Facebook Attempts To Save Face, Drafts Constitution

A vision of the not-so-distant future

Turns out the internet isn’t a series of tubes at all: it’s a nation.

If you check your Facebook right now (if you haven’t already), the good ol’ folks at everyone’s favorite social networking site released the following statement, probably in response to the overwhelmingly negative response to attempted policy changes that tried to steal our souls.

Today we announced new opportunities for users to play a meaningful role in determining the policies governing our site. We released the first proposals subject to these procedures –- The Facebook Principles, a set of values that will guide the development of the service, and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities that governs Facebook’s operations. Users will have the opportunity to review, comment and vote on these documents over the coming weeks and, if they are approved, other future policy changes. We’ve posted the documents in separate groups and invite you to offer comments and suggestions. For more information and links to the two groups, check out the Facebook Blog.

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Best of Craigslist: Penn Edition

Going to Penn doesn’t preclude us from being party to Craigslist sleaziness. Join Albert Sun as he skims casual encounters, missed connections and beyond in search of the most ridiculous Penn-related posts. For more, slightly NSFC (Not Safe for Class) , look after the jump.

Craigslist is a breeding ground for all that is sketchy, and personals seem as good a place to start as any.  We understand wanting to find somebody, but how these people think they could be remotely successful with these atrocious ads is beyond me.  To wit:

Reply to: pers-1032736026@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2009-02-12, 11:51PM EST

First post ever to craigslist…kinda just doing it for shits and giggles b/c i just broke it off with my girlfriend.

I want a UPENN girl because I know Penn is very selective and I figure they have more money and resources than i do to pick a good girl.

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You’re Not My Friend, You’re My MOM

A Street staffer e-mailed us the other day to tell us her aunt had friend-requested her, “and the ‘i’ll melt in your mouth’ slogan attached to the headpiece of my hershey’s kiss costume? NOT OKAY FOR HER TO SEE.”  We’ve all been there.  Below, read Adam Joseph Drici’s commentary on this growing epidemic.


Facebook has turned against us. All was fine and well when it was an online clubhouse for college kids. But now that it’s become, dare I say, a respectable Internet institution, we have to face the sad truth: Adults know how to use computers too.

Enter: Oh Crap, My Parents Joined Facebook, the blog that collects the resulting horror stories. Now, we can always hide our exploits and slap our parents/relatives with “limited profile” status — sorry Mom, I don’t really want you looking at photos of me in jorts and cowboy boots — but we’re completely powerless in regard to how they choose to embarrass us with their own online behavior. Read the rest of this entry »

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Chew On This

Go. Now.

Go. Now.

Now that JuicyCampus is but a mere memory, everyone needs a new way to put off doing homework. Sure, you could play that game where you stare at someone in Van Pelt until they look up and make eye contact with you, followed by the awkward look-look away-look-look away scenario, but that gets old really fast.

Funny, essentially worthless websites are really your best bet, which is why Ruminations has replaced JuicyCampus on my FireFox bookmark bar. Read the rest of this entry »

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Calling All Attention Whores: Meet The New JuicyCampus

We weren’t sure whether to be crushed or thrilled when JuicyCampus kicked the bucket. Where else were we going to get our fix of Greek-bashing, finger-pointing, and discussions about a certain set of twins without whom campus is simply not the same?

But we should have known better. As one trashy gossip site falls, another one comes up to fill the void. So perhaps it shouldn’t have been a surprise that now, when you type JuicyCampus’ URL, you’re automatically redirected to CollegeACB. Read the rest of this entry »

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Everyday Hax0r: Watch Out M&T, Mozilla’s Got Ubiquity

The lovely geek population at Mozilla (a.k.a. the geniuses that gave us Firefox) have come up with a way to save our precious energy from wasted clicking (so that we can use it at Pottruck, of course): ubiquity. The program allows users to type custom-made commands into a pop-up window that creates combinations of web information within one window, such as inserting a Google Map into your email or Twittering highlighted text from a website.

Gone are the days of pressing ctrl + T and copy-pasting from one window to another (or, um, whatever analogous thing you Mac users do). Now you can boss Firefox around and make it do your little tasks for you. You can even “subscribe” to newly created commands to further increase your power–they vary from mapping out locations on Craigslist to translating Japanese on your favorite foreign website.  We’re telling you, you’ll thank us once you get through your next Huntsman cram session.  Happy computing!

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Facebuk Kan Has A Sad?

Facebook stalking has become so ubiquitous that it’s as much of an American pastime as baseball. After all, given the choice between doing homework or staring mindlessly at the computer and judging people based on their photos, there’s really no debate (hey, freshman superlatives!). And we’d rather Facebook chat than study meta-messages in communication any day.

But perhaps that’s about to change. Onward State (Penn State’s student-run blog) tipped us off to a new study which says that all that texting and instant messaging might actually make us more depressed. Like your BlackBerry doesn’t already cause enough problems?

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Free Wireless > Not Free Wireless

Stuck in the Philly airport while your flight home is delayed? Have no fear: you can still Facebook stalk until your heart’s content. For free. Show your Penn ID at any info desk to receive a coupon for a free AT&T Wi-Fi On the Spot session. Though oddly sans Starbucks, at least Philadelphia International lets you surf in style.

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As we continue our perusal of this week’s “college issue” of the New York Times Magazine, we came across an article about a new online college guide called Unigo.  Check out Penn’s page here–normally we would watch some of the videos and summarize them for you, but as we are currently headphone-less in Van Pelt, we cannot.

The piece treats the idea as if it’s completely revolutionary, but what the old fogeys at the NYT fail to mention is that you can’t swing a cat on a college campus without hitting some brilliant new media scheme that claims it will  revolutionize life as we know it.  Ever heard of CollegeProwler, ratemyprofessors, and, god, like a bazillion other sites that do the exact same thing, which is essentially providing high schools with information about colleges that will have little to no bearing on their actual college experience?  Seriously, picking a college is so subjective, and of the tons and tons of inequities that plague the college admissions process, providing bratty high schoolers with more dishy information is not exactly a priority.  In conclusion, NYT, please stick to taking foxy pictures of our faculty, and leave the internet to us.