FeaturesDecember 17, 2011 at 3:45 pm

What Not To Eat: Fisher Fine Arts Edition

With no in-house vending machine or Mark’s Café, it’s really easy to starve in Fisher. It’s also really easy to drive your fellow study slaves into a serious state of unrest by making the wrong meal choice. Suspect you’re guilty of food misconduct? Read on.

Offender: Bag of potato chips
Reasons people will glare at you: No sooner have you gotten through the 15 second bag opening process (“Ah I’m so embarrassed!”) when your counterparts remember that they have to listen to you crunch all 300 calories with your mouth open.
Alternative: A nice, quiet chocolate bar

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CityNovember 3, 2009 at 2:00 am

SEPTA Strike Is On

In an hour, SEPTA’s largest union, Transport Workers Union Local 234, will go on strike. According to the DP:

All bus, subway and trolley services in the city will be interrupted by the strike. Regional rail service, most buses operating out of the 69th Street Terminal and “LUCY” buses, which run through University City, have crews covered by separate contracts and thus will continue operations.

Information on service interruptions can be found here.

CampusSeptember 22, 2009 at 1:54 pm

Flu Shot: An Autumn’s Tale

Last week the DP was all, “Yo, some kids got the swine flu.” And we were all, “Ew. Even though the swine flu vaccine doesn’t drop till mid-October, we should probably protect ourselves against the regular flu, since it’s equally as gross.” And our mom was like, “Duh. Sign up here ASAP.”

So we logged on to Student Health’s online appointment scheduler and selected the FluMist option, because we hate shots and heard the mist was more effective anyway. But when we tried to make an appointment, the scheduler told us none were available… not even in January.

We then picked the flu shot option because, hey, needles aren’t that bad. But there wasn’t an available shot appointment for an entire month! Not okay. At all. So we refreshed and refreshed and someone must have cancelled their appointment because we got one for the next afternoon. Read the rest of this entry »

UncategorizedJuly 9, 2009 at 4:27 pm

While You Were Out: A War On Our Home Turf

Cushy and welcoming as “University City” may sound, be warned, the big bad bears of terrifying, gritty, non-yuppie West Philadelphia are here to remind you who was here first. Be frightened, friends, a war of historic proportions is raging. Here’s the report from our foreign war correspondents:

WEST PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY CITY, PA - Sources report that the unrest began recently as the University City District expanded into bordering territory some fortnights ago by installing lights and then flags on Baltimore Avenue. This physical marking of territory was interpreted by native settlers as an aggressive and invasive act. In response to this encroachment, the enraged citizens of West Philadelphia have started to stage a revolt. According to documents and eyewitness accounts obtained from Philebrity, the West Philadelphia residents have employed an aggressive guerrilla tactic: defacing the enemy flags on Baltimore Avenue, in what has been interpreted as an act of political dissent. The West Philadelphia offensive has reportedly released propaganda literature, urging all citizens to become involved by engaging in communal acts of flag removal and defacing.

While the West Philadelphia strategists seem to be taking an offensive stance, the University City district, in true yuppie fashion, seems not to give a shit.

UncategorizedJuly 1, 2009 at 10:28 am

Not Better Than Blarney

Last week the Blockley Pourhouse hosted a VIP invite-only soiree to celebrate its grand opening. Obviously Street snagged an invite because, well, we are very important after all. Even after enjoying the benefits of the open bar and live band, Koko Bongo’s inferior replacement (yes, inferior) did not live up to the hype. To express our outrage we’ve compiled a list of grievances. Here’s (not) to you, BP: Read the rest of this entry »

CampusJune 23, 2009 at 8:41 pm

Well, This Sucks

Today our friends at Cornell found out something kind of bad happened. By “something kind of bad happened” we mean that their “confidential personal information was stolen.” And by “friends” we mean “45,000 current and former staff and students.” Yeah, that sucks. According to the website Cornell set up to deal with this crisis:

In June 2009, a Cornell-owned computer that contained a large amount of administrative data was stolen. Our review of a current backup of the files on the system revealed that confidential personal data for about 45,000 current and former staff and students, and some dependents, had been present.

The good news is that the data hasn’t been misused…yet. And that Cornell is picking up the tab for any and all “credit reporting, credit monitoring and identity theft restoration services.” Here’s to hoping Penn has a more secure system.