NewsJanuary 24, 2013 at 2:10 pm

Virgins + Hormones + PennApps = Nothing Good, Ever

As the self-proclaimed “social ivy,” Penn is obviously no stranger to sex. As the host of one of the largest intercollegiate hackathons in the world, Penn is also no stranger to computer programming. Combine the two, though, and what you get is a whole world of skeeviness.

Last weekend, a University of Michigan sophomore convened on our campus with hundreds of the nation’s brightest to design the next big app. His product? A private social network called “Playbook” that lets people “communicate what they wouldn’t over Facebook.” In other words, it’s Rate My Professor for bros who like to kiss and tell.

The creepy techie admitted he’s–gasp!–a virgin. To make things worse, his mother is upset about the app. Go back to Ann Arbor!

NewsSeptember 29, 2010 at 2:07 pm

Every Time Dean Furda Is In The News, An Angel Gets Its Wings

Breaking! The New York Times‘s college admissions blog, The Choice, reports today that test scores don’t matter that much. Or something. The real point is, they consulted our favorite admissions director, Dean Furda, and in our never-ending quest to creep his media career, we’d like to let you know that that happened.

What’s actually interesting, though, is that they shared his sage advice alongside that of Ted Spencer, the Eric Furda of Michigan. Was the “Penn/Place Where Everyone Goes When Rejected From Penn” dynamic on purpose?