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New (Old) Clothes Headed To Spruce

30s-reproduction-vintage-clothing-fashions-1While Philadelphia fashion may be known for its vintage eclecticism, Penn’s campus retail has always been a little more salmon shortsy. Until now! Racked Philly reports that Greene Street Consignment is headed to 3734 Spruce Street and will be opening in late February. Greene Street, which already has eight Philly-area locations, has a focus on high-quality and high-end secondhand threads, meaning you may still have to head to Buffalo Exchange for anything on a student budget.

On a sadder note, it’s tata to Dolbey’s Bookstore. It’s always sad to see a small business go, even if it’s being replaced by another, larger, small business.

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Shutterbutton: Back To The Future

It appears that the good men and women of St. Elmo were kind enough to tickle our fancies with this uncanny reenactment of a photo we dug up last week. Can you spot the 10 differences?

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Ever heard of football? Yeah, we have too! The Super Bowl XLVI (How do you pronounce XLVI/what do those letters mean?????) is happening tonight, and though we’re pretty excited about it, we’re even more psyched about this golden oldie Homecoming game that went down on our turf in 1967. This vintage footage, dug up by our friends over at Dueling Tampons, has it all: music, Franklin Field, those people with the helmets and more! Pretty neat, eh?

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ShutterButton: Your Penn Apparel Will Be Valuable Eventually

Well, maybe! We discovered this sartorial gem in the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Perelman Building exhibit The Peacock Male (which closes this month, so go now). What a great vintage find! From 1996! Jokes, it’s from 1896. Some Olde Timey Quaker probably bought this from Ye Olde Penn Book Shoppe or something, right next to the women’s couture breeches.

FeaturesNovember 5, 2010 at 3:12 pm

Retrospective: Sexy Football Players Of The Past

Tomorrow, Penn faces off against its biggest historical rival, Princeton. In honor of tradition and school spirit and good looks, we’ve scoured the University Archives for the most handsome, dashing Penn Football stars of yore. Thanks to our seminar in Advanced Googling 346, we’ve dug up what we could about these former cuties.

This here is Richard Hannum in 1965. Mr. Hannum was a Friar who went by “Buzz” and is the secretary of the Class of 1966!

Many more cuties after the jump.

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ShutterButton: Vintage Button


Students on the Button, 1987.