FeaturesFebruary 21, 2012 at 9:03 am

Your Weekly Daily Pennsylvanian Quote

Freshman class President Ariel Koren took to the press over the past week to discuss the “female leadership issue” and what her status as a female leader on campus means. After the obvious Penn15 joke, Koren goes into a talk about the visibility of women in high places at Penn:

She is usually easy to identify: hair windblown, heels clanking, eyes aglow and mind a-storm, at work on her new plan of attack: how else might she shake things up on campus?

Windblown hair? Heels? A menacing glint in her eyes? Oh no. Oh… oh no. This comes to mind. Not surprisingly, a lot of Penn women had something to say about President Koren’s piece. Eek.

CampusJanuary 27, 2010 at 3:03 pm

Penn Ladies Are Gonna Lock It Down

The New York Times reported the release of a new study undertaken by Wharton professors, Betsey Stevenson and Adam Isen, that challenges the conventional wisdom regarding college-educated women and marriage. While most of us probably aren’t thinking about tying the knot right now, the study reveals some promising findings for the females of Penn. Not only are college-educated women less likely to be divorced at age 40, but they are apparently happier too!

So, ladies, take it from one of your fellow Quaker girls: Don’t be a fool, stay in school, and you’ll be a happily married 40 year-old.